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The Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP) has awarded all funds and is no longer accepting applications or providing awards. The program will remain open for claims submissions, as beneficiaries have one year after their award date to use the funds.

Homeschool Planet

Curriculum materials / School Supplies / Technology

This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (650) 275-2488


Educational Value

Homeschool Planet an easy, flexible, full featured online homeschool planner. It is designed to be quick to learn, and its features are loved by both those new to homeschooling, and homeschooling veterans! Homeschool Planet merges lesson planning ahead of time (using lesson plans created by you or plug-in plans from our ever-expanding Lesson Plan and Curriculum Marketplace) with scheduling those lessons into your homeschool year, so that it is easy to keep track of progress on a daily basis. Our Assignment Generator saves so much time planning assignments no matter what curriculum you use, and our Rescheduling Helper makes it so fast and easy to reschedule when life happens and yet still accomplish your learning goals! In addition, there is such a benefit to keeping long-term records of assignments, resources, class notes, and grades, all in one place, which Homeschool Planet is known for! You can even reuse your past lesson plans for future students in just a few clicks, saving you even more time when you are planning your homeschool years. Reports of any kind, report cards and even high school transcripts are a breeze when all your data is in one place, and Homeschool Planet helps you create those in minutes as well! In addition to helping you manage all things homeschooling, Homeschool Planet helps you manage the rest of your home life as well in the same place! The calendar works to schedule any and all shared and individual events, chores, field trips, appointments, and other commitments your family has outside of school, in ONE convenient location! Anything on the calendar can also have automatic reminders by text or email set up. Aside from the calendar/planner, our widgets include to-do lists, shopping lists (and other lists), a Messages widget to email or text those lists to any member of your family, and others! Homeschool Planet is accessible from both your mobile device and computer, anywhere and any time, by any family member. Along with online access at any time, there are also printing options for everything on Homeschool Planet for those who love having a hard copy. Over 3,000 plug-in lesson plans and curriculum options, including IXL, Rosetta Stone, and Thinkwell are also available for purchase.