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The Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP) has awarded all funds and is no longer accepting applications or providing awards. The program will remain open for claims submissions, as beneficiaries have one year after their award date to use the funds.

Learn with Carrie


This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Price Range: $30 - $50

Phone Number: (913) 207-8537


Educational Value

Learn with Carrie provides Math tutoring services by a professional educator who is certified to teach math in grades K-8th Grade. Services are provided either in person at a local library, or on-line using Microsoft Teams. Students can use Teams from a laptop or a tablet. Tablets will allow the student to show their screen while working on activities. Laptops can be used to share screens as well, but writing using the touchpad is difficult. Documents can easily be shared through TEAMS. The first step in Learn with Carrie tutoring is to determine what skills the student needs to focus on. Once deficit skills have been identified, activities will be planned to demonstrate different strategies, practice successful strategies that the student is comfortable with, and build confidence to continue to succeed in math. Working on current assignments, review previous assignments, preparing for assessments, and review completed assessments to determine continued areas of focus are also a part of each tutoring session as needed.