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Browse education service providers who have been approved to receive funds from program participants. Note that “Preferred Vendors" do not require up-front out-of-pocket payment.

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Important Notice: 
The Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP) has awarded all funds and is no longer accepting applications or providing awards. The program will remain open for claims submissions, as beneficiaries have one year after their award date to use the funds.

Mission Creek Camp & Retreat Center


This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Price Range: $895 - $1100

Phone Number: (785) 256-6357


Address: 7240 SW Douglas Road, Topeka, KS 66610

Educational Value

Our programs in arts and crafts provide hands-on opportunities for campers to develop their creativity, critical thinking, and fine motor skills. Through animal husbandry, participants learn about responsible care, empathy, and the importance of conservation. Our archery program promotes discipline, focus, and self-confidence, while teaching safety and respect for equipment. With canoeing, campers develop teamwork, leadership, and outdoor skills, fostering an appreciation for nature and water safety. Lastly, our fishing program teaches campers about aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity, and sustainable fishing practices. These diverse activities not only engage campers in educational experiences but also foster personal growth and character development.