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Lawrence Children's Choir

Instrument lessons

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Price Range: $150 - $900

Phone Number: +17853314662


Address: 1245 New Hampshire, Lawrence, Kansas 66046

Educational Value

The Lawrence Children’s Choir (LCC) provides children and youth the opportunity to experience musical excellence and cultural enrichment through choral music. Composed of five different age-level choirs, LCC provides a welcoming, and rigorous environment for young people to develop community through music, experience the joy and freedom of personal expression, and learn life skills through singing together. Capo (Ages 3- Kindergarten) is a non-auditioned choir that musically engages children through singing games and singable songs in a small group environment. This choir rehearses in small sections to foster a personal, lively, and joyful environment. Cadenza (1st-3rd Grade) is a non-auditioned choir where singers build on their love of music and begin to develop fundamentals of choral technique and ensemble awareness. A wide variety of age-appropriate music is explored in an engaging environment, where fun and skill development are seamlessly interwoven. Choristers (4th-6th Grade) is a non-auditioned choir that offers a foundational musical experience for the developing singer, focusing on appropriate vocal technique, professional performance skills, diverse repertoire and ensemble-focused singing. Rehearsals are active and engaging, fostering each singer’s personal investment and natural gifts. Tour Choir (7th-12th grade) is the organization’s flagship choir, providing young singers with a nationally recognized choral experience that teaches both professional musicianship and life skills. An ensemble for those who love singing and community, the Tour Choir’s rigorous rehearsals challenge and motivate singers to explore new levels of musical and cultural awareness, personal preparation, and ensemble sensitivity, culminating in a vast array of public performance, outreach and tour opportunities. This is an auditioned choir. Ambassador Choir (7th-12th) is a smaller, select ensemble comprised of singers from Tour Choir.