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The Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP) has awarded all funds and is no longer accepting applications or providing awards. The program will remain open for claims submissions, as beneficiaries have one year after their award date to use the funds.

Center for Research, Evaluation, and Awareness of Dyslexia


This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Price Range: $10 - $1380

Phone Number: (620) 235-4593


Educational Value

Secret Codes Camp The Center for READing offers this summer reading program to all children who want to get a jump start learning to read or who are struggling to learn to read. Secret Codes Camp consists of one 50-minute session each Monday through Thursday throughout June and July, totaling 32 sessions across 8 weeks. The camp is open to all children. Beginning readers learn the foundations of reading so that they become good readers. Struggling readers receive an effective intervention to help them become stronger readers. Students meet with instructors in small groups in-person or online. Evaluation $50-$600/evaluation The first step in the treatment of reading difficulties is appropriate identification. Our most popular evaluation comprehensively examines the individual's current reading and attentional skills. Our assessment battery includes tests of reading, attention, hearing, intelligence, and social-emotional behavior. We provide results, a summary, and recommendations in a report format, which can then be used to inform appropriate interventions at our center, at school, at another organization, or at home. Reading Intervention (Reading Tutoring) $10-$60/hour Once individuals at-risk of developing or currently experiencing reading difficulties are identified, they can receive intervention. Our intervention services typically involve individual sessions for at least 30 minutes weekly or biweekly. Flexible sessions are based on the child's needs and family's schedule. Sessions are available in-person or online. Week-Long Intensive Intervention (Reading Tutoring) $300-$780/week We also offer a week-long intensive intervention option. Our intensive program involves in-person intervention for approximately 6 hours per day for five days. The student completes a reevaluation at the end of the week to measure their progress.

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